“Roland Dorne grew up in a small cottage in the hinterlands of St. Bishop’s. His mother died in labour, which left his father Caleb to raise him alone. A hunter and a trapper, Caleb was an attentive father who ensured that his son was equipped with the skills needed to survive in the wilderness beyond the city walls. Ever since he could walk, Roland was taught how to hunt, forage, and fight. To this day, Roland’s father is the most important person in his life.

When he came of age, Roland was conscripted into the St. Bishop’s military, where he put his skills to good use as a scout. His abilities were quickly noticed, and he rose quickly through the ranks to become a Scout Captain. Known as a man of few words but great strength of character, Roland was well-loved by his men.

However, Roland was also not a man to suffer fools gladly. His platoon was transferred to a new commanding officer, a brash and arrogant man by the name of Major Taggart. Roland questioned Taggart’s decision making, and on a couple of occasions he humiliated Taggart in frint of his men.

One fateful night, Roland’s squad was on a routine scouting mission when his squad was ambushed by a vastly superior enemy force. His men were surrounded and massacred, and Roland barely managed to escape with his life. When he returned back to the camp and explained what happened, he found himself arrested and court-martialed on trumped-up charges of cowardice and incompetence. Due to his distinguished record, Roland managed to avoid a prison sentence, instead being dishonourably discharged.

Disgraced, jobless, and unhireable, Roland turned to the one place where he could put his skills to good use: The League."