Slang Glossary

Apostate: A Leaguesman who betrays their guild or other Leaguesman. The punishment for apostasy is death by drowning.

Apprentice: The lowest rung of the League. An apprentice is bonded to a journeyman.

Brotherhood, The Brotherhood: A moral code and set of complex social behaviors that dictate behavior between Leaguesman. It is the core philosophy of mutual support that permeates the League.

Doyen: A top-level Leaguesman who overseers the operations of multiple masters.

Guild: A guild is a collection of Leaguesman, lead by Journeyman, bound by the Brotherhood and mutual interest.

Guildsman: A member of a guild.

Humble Man: idiot or well-meaning fool.

Journeyman: A journeyman the top rank in a guild. The journeyman arranges jobs for his guild and acts as the guild’s representative in League and inter-guild matters. The Journeyman speaks for the guild, and is responsible for the Guild’s actions.

Master: A senior Leaguesman who overseers multiple guilds and journeyman.

Oath, The: The oath sworn by all Leaguesman to stand by the League and the Diocese above all else.

Sponsor: An individual that takes a guild or journeyman on as a retainer. This is rare and highly sought after by guildsmen. It generally means steady pay and good work.

Tithe: A payment of ten percent in support of the League.

Whitehelms: A common term for the Diocesan Guard. Considered derogatory.

Venture: A job that has been formally acknowledged by the League.

Stinker: A rectum

King’s Castle: A term used to describe a con where one member impersonates a person of high stature and acts shocked when guards stop him, while another member validates the impersonator to the guards.

Jabberwock: A term used to describe a con where one member poses as an on the run criminal and the other as his pursuer. They stage their chase near the guards and the pursuer demands assistance in catching the criminal, making them out to be a monster that must be caught and is worth a large reward.

Heave-hoers: Laborers, particularly slave or unskilled physical labor.

Confounding LaBoe: A term used to describe a con which involves a complicated conversation of total nonsense but which is spoken with the air of utmost authority. Used to confound people into thinking there is a lot going on and for them to abandon rational thought and follow the authoritative instructions given to them by the con members.

Thomas, Richard, and Sallette: A phrase similar to ‘every Tom, Dick, and Harry.’

Piano Cat: A term used to describe cat burglars or the tense moment of sneaking through a risky area where one might be caught.

Slang Glossary

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