The Episcopate of the Holy United Church

St. Bishops

I have traveled throughout the Broken Coast and one of the most beautiful cities in the world is the canal city of the Holy See of the Sainted Bishop, but it’s inhabitants know it by a less formal name, St. Bishop’s. The city-state is the capital of the Episcopate and is a hub of trade, commerce, diplomacy and faith. This status places St. Bishop’s in a precarious situation that no one wishes to violate, making it the center of the political machinations for the nations of the Broken Coast.

Thrice daily the vibrant streets of this city ring with the sound of the call to prayer, and the streets fill with the faithful showing devotion to the Seven Prophets. This bustling city is a chaotic mix of cultures and people, with people from up and down the Broken Coast. This theocratic state is the center of culture, art, and learning containing some of the largest libraries and museums in the known world.

It is one of the most equitable societies on the Broken Coast, second only to the bay city of Bei Cheung. Slavery is illegal within the city walls, but the nature of its precarious diplomatic situation has required that it make certain compromises.

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The Episcopate of the Holy United Church

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