Ecclesiastical Ranks

Ranks and Positions in the Church

Acolyte: Initiate into the church.
Aspirant: Priest in training.
Priest: Priests are the most common rank within the church. They minister to flocks, travel the Broken Coast to proselytize, and has the authority to give Holy Communion. They will usually run a church and parish.
Deacon: A non-ordained member of a congregation who has the authority to administer communion and officiate a Eucharist. The deacon acts as an agent of the priest in the priest’s absence.
Primate: The primate oversees the functioning of a group of parishes called a Primacy.
Bishop: Bishops are the princes and lords of the church. They oversee the primates of the church, and their domain is called a Diocese.
Archbishop: Head of the Church, Ruler of Episcopate. The current Archbishop is Archbishop Sergius VII
Inquisitor: This rank is given to those who serve in the Inquisition. It is a unique organization tasked with rooting out corruption within the clergy.

Other Ranks and Honorary Titles

Canon: Given to those who serve the church in an exceptional capacity.
Veteran: Given to the non-ecclesiastics who serve the church in a military capacity.
Vicar-General: A priest who commands the Episcopate Armies
Paladin: A religious knight who goes on expeditions for the church.

Ecclesiastical Ranks

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